Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll

“Andrew acquired and edited my first book. At times, I was unsure how this process was supposed to work, but Andrew’s careful guidance put me at ease, even when I was tearing my hair out with rewrites. The attention Andrew gives an editing project is unprecedented. I’ve truly not met anyone who is so deft with every facet of the language, from grammar to well-crafted sentences to the shape of chapters and the whole book. When we tussled over things like the subjunctive or the end of a chapter, I knew it was because we both wanted to make sure the book was as good as it could be—and if I thought my way was better, we talked about it until one of us came to his senses. I feel like I now have a first book I can be proud of, and that is thanks in large part to Andrew’s hard work.”

—Joel Heng Hartse, author. Heng Hartse is also a music critic and PhD candidate.